diabetic toenail cutting

Be Cautious in Nail Salons if You Have Diabetes

Because of the health risks to their feet, patients with diabetes must be extra cautious when visiting a nail salon for a pedicure. If your diabetes is well-controlled, it’s generally safe to get a professional pedicure as long as you follow these commonsense safety tips:

• Choose your salon carefully. Check that it is clean and has sterilized certificates are up to date.

  • Tell the technician that you have diabetes.
  • Be vocal about your needs – ask for gentle treatment and that extra care be
    taken with trimmers and scissors.
  • Insist on newly sterilized tools or bring along your own that you have already
    sterilized at home.
  • If you choose to use the foot bath, make sure that it has been sterilized since
    the last customer.
  • Remind the technician to cut your toenails straight across – and not too short.
  • Put your pedicure appointment off if your skin is damaged in any way to avoid

We’ll be happy to trim your toenails safely and give your feet a thorough check-up.

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