Good Foot Care for Children Can Prevent Adult Foot Problems

Your children’s feet are their foundation, and good foot care in early life can prevent foot problems later in life.

  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Outfit your children in well-fitting, sturdy and protective footwear
  • Equip your children in quality sports footwear appropriate for each activity

One more important duty for parents:

Because children can’t monitor their own foot health, you must be vigilant and observe their feet and how they move. Early detection and prompt treatment of any abnormalities is key to lifelong foot health:

  • Be aware of your child’s feet from birth. Watch for any abnormalities.
  • Encourage your child to walk more to strengthen feet.
  • Watch for any developmental problems like toes pointing inward or outward or an unusual gait.
  • Be wary of ankles turning in more than usual, flattening of the arches (after age 5), pain, limping and cramping.

Contact us for an evaluation before your child actually complains of pain, as treatment for most problems must begin as soon as possible.

A Word about Children’s Shoes

As tempting as it might be to buy baby’s first pair of shoes, it’s healthy and natural for infants and toddlers to remain barefoot. Until baby begins to walk, a warm pair of socks is all the protection they need. When walking regularly, let them wear flexible, soft-soled shoes. For children of all ages: Be sure to check that their shoes have ample width and toe room. Children grow quickly and shoes have to be replaced just as fast!

Wearing shoes that are too small can lead to toe and foot problems. And never pass down shoes to a younger child from an older sibling. Shoes tend to mold to fit the owner’s foot and will cause a problem if given to another child to wear.

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