A simple error in judgment can cost you! One of the most common injuries to the foot is a broken toe. You know how it goes… the bedpost or chair jumps out at you and smacks into your foot.
The pinky toe is the one that gets injured most.
Pain, swelling, and sometimes bruising are the immediate result.
So it happened… now what? Should you just leave it alone?
After all, I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “You can’t do anything about a broken toe.”
An x-ray will determine if there’s a break. What’s even more important than knowing whether there’s a break, is knowing whether the toe shifted.
It can look straight, but internally it could have shifted. Another important factor is whether a break involved a joint.
Any fracture into a joint needs immediate attention to help avoid arthritis.
A broken toe can hurt for many months if either of these two things occurred.
We’ve seen patients who had pain and swelling for over a year because the toe injury wasn’t addressed early.
Risking a long-term problem just isn’t worth it when it’s so easy to treat a broken toe.
Having a broken toe splinted properly, protected in an appropriate shoe, and guarded against certain activities will lead to faster healing.
If you injure your foot on the weekend, apply ice, elevate it, and keep pressure off of it. Then call us first thing Monday morning.
It doesn’t pay to waste time and money on an Urgent Care visit when they’re going to refer you to a Podiatrist anyway.
Don’t let a toe injury plague you for months.
We specialize in getting injuries to toes or any part of the foot healed fast.