Gentle Foot Care is a proud partner of the Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists network of practices.


Gentle Foot Care is a proud partner of the Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists network of practices.


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It is easy to neglect the health of our feet, especially in the hustle and bustle of the urban life in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  A person is normally able to get things done during the day through walking, running, and the like. Everyone has experienced or may have to experience sore feet from time to time. Going to work, running errands, or even getting around the house can become challenging.

A Mt. Vernon foot doctor is able to serve patients regardless of their age bracket. Going to work, running errands, or even getting around the house can become challenging. It is advised to go see a specialist if the symptoms and pain persist.

Nature of a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of feet conditions and is also referred to as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. To be able to become a certified professional, they undergo intensive training for clinical experience and in order to pass the board qualification exam. Podiatrists are authorized by law as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine to give treatments, remedies, and surgeries to the public and at Gentle Foot Care, only such qualified specialists will take care of you.

To prepare for that examination, a foot dr. must complete medical school training for podiatric for four years and advanced clinical experience as a resident physician in a medical institution for three years. Our specialists at our clinics are backed by the Ohio Podiatric Medical Association, as well as the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Services of a DPM     

Accurate findings made with the use of modern equipment and methods result in faster and more effective treatment. The services of a podiatrist include a full diagnosis of your feet so that specific conditions are determined through the use of the latest equipment like radiographs and ultrasound. Technology which utilizes radiation and sound waves are available across our clinics so you can be served better.

Kinds of Foot Aches

When a pain gets too much to bear, you can consult a podiatrist to help you properly identify the foot problem you have. There are multiple conditions that the feet can suffer from. A visit to a foot doctor’s office for a diagnosis of the root cause of the pain is the first step in removing the pain.
A few of the many foot conditions that bring people to a foot doctor are shown below.


This painful condition is a usual problem consulted with podiatrists. The area with a bunion may feel warm to the touch and painful when poked. Bunions are probably the most frequently consulted complaint to podiatrists. Wearing tight shoes can worsen the pain and cause swelling of the area.

Caring For Your Kid’s Feet  

Other foot or ankle problems develop in adolescence. It is highly recommended to have your child diagnosed ideally at the onset of the problem. It’s always best to have the child checked whenever a problem is suspected. They may become obvious as soon as the baby is born but there are cases when symptoms become more apparent as time passes by.

These are some of the problems children can experience:

  • Ligament and bone issues which may lead to toe-walking
  • Bunions
  • Flat feet
  • Easily spread plantar warts at the base of the foot
  • Abnormal pointing of toes during movement (in and out-toeing)
  • Heel pain
  • Ingrown toenails

Foot Necessity for Diabetics

Neuropathy or burning, tingling or numbness in the feet can be a serious problem for diabetics, affecting balance and ability to walk. Preventing complications arise from attentive diagnosis. Any abnormalities in the feet can lead to complications without proper treatment, especially for diabetics.

Annual foot exams are recommended.

Ingrown Toenail  

The continuous rubbing of the skin and toenails can cause mild to extreme pain. If left unresolved, swelling and pain may escalate.

Foot Pains   

Pain can arise from the various joints and ligaments that comprise the foot. Pains occur when the feet are subjected to the continuous force due to running, walking, and even standing. Because the foot takes in the force of every step and jump, it causes stress that leads to pain and swelling from time to time. Because of continued stress, pains and

Role of the Heel

It is by this bone that we are able to move to and from places. The health of the heel is important in maintaining the ability to properly walk and run.

Heel Injuries

This can be aggravated by wearing flats. Wearing flat shoes can cause pain on the bottom of the heel or in the location of your Achilles tendon. Bone conditions such as arthritis and internal infections influence the health of the heel. Arthritis can cause heel pains.

Ligament Swelling  

Overextension of this ligament can lead to swelling. In this condition, the ligament breaks because of overextension, commonly caused by a sudden or forced movement. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament that runs along with the distance of the heel and the other end of your feet.


This is an accumulation of calcium under the heel. This can either be painful or not. It causes a raised surface on the feet.

Ankle Ailment

The essential function of the ankle is hindered when it is inflamed, so ankle pains limit your mobility. Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, often causes ankle pain.
Ligaments and Sprains   

Rest, compression, and elevation are also helpful. For bad sprains, consult a podiatrist. This kind of condition is familiar to most athletes. Sprains can be mild or extremely painful. In a sprain, at least one ligament on the outside of the ankle has been stretched too far or torn.

This is best treated initially by an ice compress. Rest is advisable for sprain recovery.

Ankle Fractures

Recovery from such depends on accurate diagnosis. The use of x-ray scans and a visit to the podiatrist is the best way to diagnose and treat such cases. A podiatrist is the best authority in identifying and treating ankle fractures.


A severe case of ankle damage can be corrected by fastening the broken pieces with metal screws, pins, and plates to aid natural healing. These do not usually cause a problem for the patient.

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