Gentle Foot Care is a proud partner of the Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists network of practices.


Gentle Foot Care is a proud partner of the Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists network of practices.


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The feet are an essential part of the daily lives of the people of Newark. The pains do not choose their victims, so people need to visit a Newark, Ohio podiatrist for consultation. Going to work, running errands or even getting around the house can become challenging. A person is normally able to get things done during the day through walking, running and the like.

It is important to consult a physician when pains arise. A simple discomfort may lead to further problems in the future if left unchecked, so it is best to seek the help of a professional to solve the issue right away. Everyone can experience and suffer feet related pains and discomfort.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) 

A DPM or most commonly known as a Podiatrist or foot doctor, is a specialist who deals with all matters concerning the health and care of your feet. The law requires such professionals to pass an industry-grade examination for them to be able to practice their chosen fields of expertise.Our specialists at our clinics are backed by the Ohio Podiatric Medical Association, as well as the American Podiatric Medical Association.

A doctor of podiatric medicine is a professional who graduated from a medical school of podiatry followed by a resident training in a medical institution. Our doctors of podiatric medicine at Gentle Foot Care are able to deliver the most effective assessment and procedures because of their board qualifications and relevant training.


Foot Care Services Newark
To be able to give accurate findings, these professionals use numerous technologies like radiation and ultrasonic devices. People visit a podiatrist for help with a wide range of foot issues. Special technology such as Padnet testing is one of the services our clinics can provide to patients.

Various Foot Disorders
Some cases can be solved by a good night’s rest, but it is not advisable to always rely on this initial care. There are multiple conditions that the feet can suffer from. When a pain gets too much to bear, you can consult a podiatrist to help you properly identify the foot problem you have.

Some painful foot disorders are discussed here.

It can become swollen, painful or feel warm. Some bunions may become severely swollen or mildly painful, depending on the size of the hump. A callus can also be involved since shoes rub on the area. Tight shoes or high heels aggravate the problem. Wearing tight shoes can worsen the pain and cause swelling of the area.

Caring for your Kid’s Feet

It is highly recommended to have your child diagnosed ideally at the onset of the problem. They may become obvious as soon as the baby is born but there are cases when symptoms become more apparent as time passes by. Do not wait for the symptoms to worsen. There are other problems that arise during the later years of childhood.
These are some of the problems children can experience:
· Flat feet

· Bunions

· In-toeing or out-toeing

· Heel pain

· Plantar warts

· Ingrown toe nails

· Toe-walking

Specialized Care for Diabetics

Diabetics should be extra careful and attentive to the conditions of their feet. Annual foot exams are recommended. Numbness and burning of the feet, when left as they are, may lead to various complications that may hinder the mobility and balance of the person.

Any pain and discomfort can hamper the normal functions of the lower body of the diabetic. Diabetics require additional attention to their wounds because of their condition.

Developed Ingrown Nails

Toenails that grow away from their normal path can exert unnecessary force on the delicate skin at the sides of your toes. If the nail is exerting too much force on the skin of the toe, it may swell and be painful.

Foot Pains

Because of continued stress, pains and aches can develop in our feet. You must rest your feet regularly for them to be able to serve you as you want them to. These pains are naturally caused by the everyday grind walking and running all over the place. For you to function at your best, you must learn to take care of your feet.

Role of the Heel

The heel is the primary point of impact whenever we walk or run. The biggest bone in the foot absorbs most of the pressure and shock during movement.

Heel Pains

It can be triggered by wearing a flat shoe. Leaving it as it is can worsen the problem. This ache is aggravated by wearing loose or tight footwear.

Plantar Fasciitis

The pain may also occur elsewhere in the foot. This is a ligament that extends from the heel bone to the end of the foot. It is a painful inflammation that can hinder people from walking. Inflammation of the plantar fascia can be very painful.


Bony humps caused by accumulation of calcium particles at the base of the heel characterize a heel spur. This is an accumulation of calcium under the heel. Depending on the amount of the calcium deposit, it can range from mild pain to excruciating swelling.

Ankle Aches    

The essential function of the ankle is hindered when it is inflamed, so ankle pains limit your mobility. Since the up and down movement of walking is powered by the ankle, any inflammation or injury in this region makes getting around difficult.


A podiatrist will be able to diagnose and treat a severe case of sprain. Rest, compression and elevation are also helpful. For bad sprains, consult a podiatrist. Treatment of sprains takes a lot of time to complete.

Repairing the damage takes time to complete. Rest is still advised. Initial care can be given to sprains by means of rest and hot and cold compress. The pain can be alleviated by proper rest and cold compress.

Ankle Injury

A foot dr. must see to the condition immediately so that appropriate treatment is administered. Fractures can be hard to tell apart from a sprain. A broken ankle can only be properly identified by an x-ray scan.

Surgery of the Ankle

Broken ankles need to be held in place by means of metal pins and holders to promote recovery. These do not usually cause a problem for the patient.

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