preventing foot ulcers

Preventing Foot Ulcers

When an injury to the foot goes unnoticed, it can worsen into a dangerous ulcer. Ulcers must be treated quickly and carefully to avoid further skin and tissue deterioration.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have diabetes and you observe any type of damage to your foot. If we diagnose an ulcer, you’ll need to keep your weight off the area to allow it to heal. Wearing a cast can help. We’ll prescribe oral antibiotics if the area is infected. After healing, custom-fitted orthotics can keep excessive pressure away from the sensitive spot.

Without professional treatment, a foot ulcer can cause further damage to the surrounding tissue and even the bone underneath. Severe cases that have been neglected for too long may even result in amputation.

Preventing Foot Ulcers

Most foot ulcers can be prevented by following your doctor’s instructions to manage your diabetes and by paying extra attention to your foot health:

  • Inspect your feet every day, including using a mirror to check the soles. Let us know of anything unusual that you find.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Don’t go barefoot to avoid damaging your feet.
  • Choose well-fitting, good quality shoes with plenty of room in the toe box.
    Make sure that your feet don’t slip around in the shoes, creating friction on the
    skin, and replace worn-out shoes promptly.
  • Don’t cut your own calluses or corns or apply over-the counter acid products –
    ask us for help.

Most importantly, be sure to schedule regular foot examinations in our office. These are essential in preventing ulcers and their complications.

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